Self​-​Titled EP

by High Water

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released 27 June 2014



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Track Name: Buried Beneath
Buried beneath.
The dirt at your feet.
Swallow my pride.
Still I will not sleep.

So I'll waste your time.
And you'll waste mine.
The slim hope to find.
Some meaning in this life.

Twisting up inside of my mind.
Scratching at the back of my brain.
Searching for a place to hide.
Until everything is not the same.

Buried beneath the Earth.
Track Name: Torn To Pieces (Flawed)
My life is going nowhere.
Plain, simple, unfair.
I need a break from reality.
Straying far from morality.

The sharp sting of regret.
Has a home inside my chest.

A heart once took its place.
Then came my fall from grace.
A bitter shell of a man.
Without the courage to take a stand.

Torn to pieces by my own hand.
I wish I had a fucking plan.

Wasting away.
With one thing left to say.
If there happens to be a God.
He'd agree that my actions are flawed.
Track Name: Exit Humanity
Everything you love has been taken away.
Nothing in the world, just shades of grey.
Bruised and beaten, you scream at the sky.
Alone in the dark, you just wanna die.
Pray to your God that lies above.
Plead for forgiveness, solace and love.
Forsaken you, he's had enough.
Broken your trust and calling your bluff.

Detached from humanity, how can it be worse?

The dead have risen and they're walking the earth.
Scratched and clawed and bitten to death.
Scream in terror as they feast on your flesh.
Punching and kicking you try to fight.
Torn apart, you won't survive the night.
The only way is to end your life.
Take the chance, you rolled the dice.

Bite the fucking bullet.
You know you wanna do it.
Squeeze the fucking trigger.
Face the fucking reaper.
Track Name: Hollow
I'd give anything to die,
In my heart and in my head.
Have I lost my mind?
Or am I just better off dead?

Nothing left in me.
I've tried my hardest.
Hollowed out for all to see.
No sleep for the worthless.

Dreading my every breath.
I'm screaming for death.

Waiting for life to pass me by.
In solitary, I'll stay confined.
Watching every second slip away.
Blackened, my heart will stay.
Track Name: Giving Up On Ever Changing
Giving up on ever changing.